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Be a part of our b:exceptional 30-day Challenge program and try our b:exceptional DNA Support Systems risk free. Choose between b:Young kit containing Activar™ Day Cream, Night Cream and Purple Plus or b:Fit kit containing Fusion and Fix. Our DNA Support products with AC-11 will make a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel in 30 days or we will give you your money back. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love our products that we’re making these outstanding offers . . .

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Results inside and out

Activar Day Cream, Activar Night Cream, Purple Plus and Fusion contain our patented DNA support compound, AC-11®. AC-11 is a natural botanical extract that helps repair the damage to DNA. Clinical studies have shown that AC-11 helps restore our body’s ability to repair DNA, and inhibits future damage. When ingested, AC-11 restores cellular structures throughout the body, while topical applications focus on the skin.

Exceptional Products


Biological and environmental factors wreak havoc on the body and degrade cellular structures, prematurely aging the skin. Activar Day Cream with AC-11 combats these stressors to protect and renew facial tissues. Suitable for women and men of all skin types, this nourishing cream perfects and revives distressed, over-worked skin.


An ideal companion to our Activar Day Cream, Activar Night Cream with AC-11 works with your body's natural repair cycles to revive and enliven your skin. Suitable for women and men of all skin types, this luxurious restorative cream penetrates deep to smooth, hydrate and rebuild your skin while you sleep. Activar Night Cream repairs the damage from daytime stressors, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and fades skin discoloration.


Great-tasting and Caffeine-free, Purple Plus is an innovative AC-11 based liquid that contains some of the most sought after, high-potency Antioxidants available, and the restoring power of Aloe Vera all in one age-defying product, to support the body’s natural ability to repair DNA through a complex, enzymatic healing process that has evolved over time. Just one 1 ounce shot a day helps to take the years away.

· Boost energy, vigor and vitality
· Normalize sleep cycles
· Enhance mood
· Restore Collagen production
· Reduce inflammation
· Improve Immune System
· Repair cellular function in the body


FIX is a fast-acting thermogenic blend with powerful ingredients like Kelp Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extact, Chromium and the fat fighting benefits of Caralluma Fimbriata. FIX helps you lose weight and feel great while you’re doing it. With its metabolism boosting energy and superior appetite control of Garcinia Cambogia you can feel it working in as little as 15 minutes. FIX helps to suppress appetite, burn calories, and boost energy and focus at the same time.


FUSION is a delicious shake specially formulated with a unique blend of fiber, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes and multiple sources of protein for the optimum low calorie meal replacement. FUSION contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners and is infused with AC-11® for DNA support, which makes it the ultimate in weight management.

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But the savings don’t end there. As a b:exceptional customer, you’ll get 50% off our entire DNA support product line.** That’s 50% off your add-on orders of Aedre Skin Regeneration Serum, Activar Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Purple Plus, Purple Caps, Purple Strips™, and the AIO™ liquid supplement.

You save 50% off our DNA support products as long as you are actively enrolled in the b:exceptional Challenge program.**

dna repair
what is ac-11®

AC-11® is a natural botanical extract that helps repair cellular damage. Clinical studies have shown that AC-11® helps restore the body’s ability to repair DNA, and inhibits future damage to cellular systems. To learn more about the science behind our product line and AC-11, visit the AC-11 web site


*b:exceptional Challenge package price does not include shipping and handling charges. Sales tax is also not included, and may apply according to state guidelines.
**Excludes additional promotional packages and discounted products. Discount for additional products does not apply to taxes, shipping, or handling charges.

Purchasers must be of legal age in their area to participate in this promotion. For a full refund of the first b:exceptional Challenge order, customer must return products and original packaging within 60 days of their enrollment. For a full refund of subsequent b:exceptional Challenge orders, customer must return products and original packaging in an unopened, undamaged and resalable condition within 60 days of their enrollment. No refunds are permitted after 60 days of enrollment. Limit one free package per buyer, two packages per household. Void where prohibited. Sales tax may apply.

To qualify for the free b:exceptional Challenge offer, customer must have an active subscription, and a minimum of three referrals with: (1) an active subscription and (2) who have a paid b:exceptional Challenge order no more than 31 days before the customer's regular ship date. Free b:exceptional Challenge kit orders earned by your referrals do not apply toward your free order. Eligibility for price reduction is evaluated on a month-to-month basis, is determined solely by the number of participating subscribers, and is not influenced by or based on previous benefits. Benefits, referrals and party subscribers are non-transferrable.

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